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  • Skid Steer Anti-Stall Device

    Posted on May 21st, 2009 admin No comments

    Another example of a more recent feature found on skid steers is the anti-stall device. Because skid steer loaders use the same power system for driving and for maneuvering attachments, if the driver attempts to do too much at the same time there is not enough power and the skid steer will stall. It used to take practice and skill to avoid stalling, but now there are several brands with built in anti-stall devices to prevent it.

    By purchasing a skid steer that includes an anti-stall device, you can greatly increase your efficiency in a couple different areas. First, without the anti-stall device on your skid loader it will be much easier for the operator to stall the skid steer. Frequent stalls can slow down the efficiency and production of the worksite project.

    Secondly, to avoid stalling in a skid steer loader without an anti-stall device it requires much experience and training. This equals time and money, if you ensure that the skid steer you purchase is equipped with an anti-stall device, you can reduce the time and costs associated with training operators.

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