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  • Safe Skid Steer Travel

    Posted on May 14th, 2009 admin No comments

    When traveling and turning it is important to keep the bucket low and close to the skid steer. When the loader arms are raised the stability of the skid steer decreases.

    Rough terrain and steep slopes should always be avoided to reduce the chance of getting stuck or rolling over. When traveling on inclines always move up and down and never across.

    In addition, when moving up and down inclines keep the heavy end of the skid steer pointed uphill. Remember an empty bucket means more weight on the back while a full bucket means more weight in the front.

    Always try to avoid obstacles, drive around them rather than through them.

    Avoid areas with steep banks such as creeks or ravines. Landscapes like this can collapse or sink causing the skid steer to fall in or get stuck.

    It’s not recommended to travel long distances on roads. Skid steers are light and can easily be towed behind a full-size truck.

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