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  • Operate Your Skid Steer Safely

    Posted on May 15th, 2009 admin No comments
    • Take your time to become familiar with the operating procedures outlined in the manual. Also ensure that you know and are educated about the controls, warning devices and other gauges.
    • Check the work area for soft conditions and obstacles.
    • Be aware of clearances such as overheard power lines.
    • Never allow extra riders on skid steer loaders.
    • Never operate a skid steer as a personnel carrier or a work platform. This can cause hydraulic failure.
    • Try to avoid sudden starts and turns, adjust your speed accordingly to the terrain and working conditions.
    • Clear the work area of all bystanders and never lift or carry a load over anyone.
    • Be careful when handling rocks or other loose materials, tilting the bucket back too far with the arms raised can cause the materials to fall back into the cab. It’s important to keep the bucket level while raising the arms.
    • Try to avoid dumping loads over fences or other obstacles that can pierce the cab if the loader was tipped forward.
    • Be extra careful when backfilling, the skid steer’s weight can cause the trench wall to collapse.
    • Never undercut or dig into a high embankment, it can collapse and bury the skid steer.
    • Never stand or place any limb or part of the body under raised loader arms.
    • If you need to repair a skid steer with the arms raised make sure that they are locked in place.

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